Hand over an optimization or debugging puzzle with a grain of concurrency concerns and I'm a happy camper. Sometimes, I can't help but feel like Sherlock Holmes. Hundreds of small seemingly unimportant bits of information that others haven't considered or might have missed circulate in my mind and, all of a sudden, a pattern emerges that leads to an answer. Not that I could ever compete with the genius of Sherlock, but I do think that years of practice have worked in my favor and have optimized my pattern recognition skills to an extent that would have made him tip his hat in acknowledgment.

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Major Software Engineering Projects Since 1997 (24 Years)
1997-2004 Design, implementation, and operation of a content management system

  • Templating engine based on Perl
  • Integration of J2EE applications using CORBA
c corba java linux-kernel linux maxdb mysql perl tomcat
1999-2004 Design, implementation and operation of a development platform for CGI and J2EE web applications
  • Acquired by Javalobby in 2004
  • Supported 110,000 users
  • Data center migrations: Basel, Switzerland to Vienna, Austria
  • Platform migrations: Alpha Linux to Tru64 UNIX to i686 Linux
  • Third-party closed and open source problem analysis and contributions
  • Open source software optimizations to handle load
  • Custom Linux kernel container implementation for web application isolation
alpha assembly c++ c c i686 java linux-kernel linux mysql perl resin tomcat tru64-unix unix
2004, 2006 Porting of a distributed enterprise content management system to Linux

  • Porting of the codebase from Windows to Linux
  • Debugging of platform/compiler-specific issues
  • Optimization to ensure similar performance and resource usage
apache assembly c# c++ c cross-platform java kerberos linux mono win32 windows x86 x86_64
2005 Design and implementation of transactional information retrieval system

  • Indexing service based on b+trees and inverted indexes
  • Transaction engine based on ARIES transaction recovery
  • Configuration service and distributed service deployment
  • API for external access checks
  • Mono problem analysis and numerous contributions
c# c++ c c cross-platform kerberos linux mono win32 windows
2006- Development of core services of a distributed enterprise content management system

  • Object-relational mapping data store with multi-RDBMS support
  • File data store with file replication and de-duplication
  • Distributed transactions across data stores
  • API for transactional object access
  • End-to-end encryption with automatic key replication and renewal
  • Third-party closed and open source problem analysis and contributions
apache arm assembly c++ c cross-platform cryptography db2 distributed-systems distributed-transactions docker i686 iis ingres java kerberos ldap linux-kernel linux multicast oracle pkcs#11 postgresql python selinux sql-server sql win32 windows x86_64


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